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BonaKjell & CoByggmaxLykoIntersportMenigoDesignOnlineKatschingByggHemmaSlöjd-detaljerProcurator"Avensia's experience within e-commerce has been great for us"“Avensia has really challenged us throughout the entire project”"Avensia has the greatest expertise in e-commerce""Avensia has held time and quality in their deliveries"Get ready for Intersport’s Epi(c) online storeModern, inspiring and useful!"We have a great long-term cooperation with Avensia""We wanted to work with the most skillful people""We beat the old sales record by 25 percent"”We gained great confidence of Avensia's skills”"Avensia's skills and ambition was very impressive"

We deliver e-commerce solutions for market leaders!

The key to successful e-commerce is to guide the customer to the checkout, filling the shopping cart with as many products as possible along the way. Just as with all other forms of shopping, it is the customer’s store experience, and his or her opportunity to buy, that determines how full the shopping cart will be. That’s why we offer a unique web shop for every visitor, where all information is carefully selected and all promotions are customised. A store solution that converts your visitors into customers, and sells more to the customers you already have.

  • ecommerce

    E-commerce takes place around the clock. People expect to be able to shop any time of day or night, wherever they may be. Avensia’s multichannel solutions make it easy for customers to finalise purchases through a mobile phone, PC, tablet or kiosk – in all countries and currencies.

  • search relevance

    A unique web shop for every visitor? With search-driven and self-optimising e-commerce solutions, we make it happen. A self-learning system analyses the customer’s click and purchase history, and presents offers most likely to result in a purchase.

  • pim

    With e-commerce there are no personnel on hand, and items can’t be felt or tried on like in a store. The information you give the customer makes all the difference. By integrating inRiver PIM in our solutions we secure efficient management of product information, regardless of channel, market or language.

We at Avensia got the key to successful e-commerce. Both we and our customers want to be the best, in Sweden, Europe and the world.

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