Senior Back End Developer

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To our e-commerce team with focus on Episerver Commerce, we are looking for ecommerce developers for the development of new e-commerce sites for our customers. As an ecommerce developer you are included in one of our project teams. Our e-commerce developers is some of the industry's brightest .NET developers and works primarily with building the business logic of the sites and to integrate e-commerce systems to search and relevance engine, product information systems, business systems and other environmental solutions. At Avensia we work with agile development methodologies and most projects are executed from our own officies. Trips to our customers' office occurs occasionally.

For the role as e-commerce developer, you need good knowledge of C# .NET programming, SQL / T-SQL as well as experience from previous integration work. Experience from scrum and knowledge of Episerver and / or Episerver Commerce is a plus. It is important that you feel comfortable in a workplace under constant development and change, and that you are unafraid to take on new challenges.

Location: Lund